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At Karina Beauty Salon, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive education and training in the art of nail care. With our courses, you can learn the basics of manicure and pedicure, as well as more advanced techniques such as nail art and acrylics.


We have a team of experienced and passionate teachers who are committed to helping our students reach their goals. Our classes are designed to cover all aspects of manicure and pedicure, from the basics to the latest trends. With our courses, you can learn the skills and techniques you need to become a pro in the nail industry. 


We provide certificate of achievements to our trainees. 

Complete Nail Tech Course

The course covers everything from the manicure to extensions


Gel Extension Course

The Gel Extension Course will take you through the process of transforming nails with gel extensions, Learn all the details of perfect extensions. 


Acrylic Extension Course

Acrylic Extension Course provides all the necessary techniques to achieve the desired result.


Manicure Course

Manicure courses provide a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to the art of manicure. 


Nail Art Course

Learn best tips for the perfect Nail Art. 


Gel Polish Corse

All techniques and tips for getting ideal gel polish.

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